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ChocoMan Two Cute Chocolate Melter
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Announcing the arrival of our smallest and cutest Chocolate Melter -
ChocoMan Two Cute.

This Twin-Tub Chocolate Melter  is  ideally suited for  both professional  and domestic use. The  small  and  budding  Chocolate Entrepreneur  will  be  as comfortable  with  it  as  the  Bakery  Chef  of  a Star Hotel. Both will find the
Two Cute a  high-performance,  easy-to-use Chocolate  Melter  holding about
1.5 Kgs of Chocolate in each tub. 

Whether it is marbled Chocolates or  multi-coloured Chocolate that you wish
to make, the Two Cute will make your work faster and easier and fun to use.

   * Twin Tub with lid. Capacity per tub : 1.5 kgs of Chocolate
    * Two Dial-type Thermostats - one for each tub
    * Separate Heaters of 80 W each for each tub
    * Separate ON-OFF switch with indicator for each tub
    * Separate Heater-on indicator for each tub
    * Dimensions: H 180 mm  x W 370 mm x D 250 mm /
        ( In inches : H 7" x W 14.5" x D 10" approx. )
    * Weight : 6 kgs ( approx.)
Colours available :  Cream, Wine Red, Pink and Light Green
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