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“ MANGHARAM ” is a household name in India and is synonymous with good quality Biscuits, Cream Wafers and Confectionery. The brand has been in existence from 85 years and it still conjures up images of mouth-watering Cream Wafers and crisp-n-creamy Biscuits in the minds of Indians.

The Mangharam Group diversified into the manufacture of Chocolate Pralines about 15 years ago. Chocolate Pralines soon caught the fancy of the Indian populace, who were hitherto, only used to commercial bars of chocolates. These Chocolate Pralines, with their  exotic fillings were in great demand in large as well as small towns. Soon, the Mangharam Group started offering Small Chocolate Projects to entreprueners all over the country and abroad. Their Chocolate Project is a great hit as it is inexpensive and helped many start their own profitable business.

Before long, the Mangharam Group became India’s first and only Company to offer TOTAL CHOCOLATE  SOLUTIONS. Our  range  includes   Chocolate Moulds,  Machines,   Raw Materials and even the Technical Expertise to make excellent Chocolates.

Our prestigious customers include the crème de  la  crème of the Indian Hotel Industry - the Taj Group, ITC Welcomgroup, the Oberoi Group,  Leela Group, the Park Group, Holiday Inns, Le Meridiens, the  Radisson Group, Marriott Group, Lalit Group, etc. who will vouch  for our quality and service.

We bring you the finest European Chocolate Moulds,  ideally  suited  to the  needs of  bakers,  confectioners  and  chocolatiers.  They are very durable and impart brilliant shine and finish to the
Chocolates as well as years of good service.We  offer  the  entire  range  of  Chocolate Moulds  to help you make bite-sized Pralines,  Hollow  Chocolate  Figurines, Chocolate  Decorations and Garnishes, Chocolate Dessert cups, Personalised Chocolates, etc.  

We are happy to offer  you our ChocoMan Chocolate Machines - well-built and efficient machines at down - to - earth prices.

                        We hope to make your Chocolate Dreams come true !
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