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funnel ss 2a
Scrapper SW 09 Stainless Steel with wooden handle 
Blade dimensions :
150 mm x 77 mm

In stock
Palette Knife - Broad
PB 01
Stainless Steel with
strong plastic handle 
Blade dmensions :
xxx mm x xx mm
Overall length: xx mm

In stock
Scrapper SP 06 Stainless Steel with plastic handle 
Blade dmensions :
145 mm x 75 mm

In stock
Palette Knife -
Narrow - PN 01
Stainless Steel with
strong plastic handle 
Blade dmensions :
234 mm x 34 mm
Overall length: 360 mm

In stock
Scrapper SS 03 Stainless Steel with  SS handle 
Blade dmensions :
128 mm x 78 mm

In stock
Dipping Forks DF 03 Set of 3 nos
Stainless Steel with plastic handles 
Length: 205 mm

In stock
Spatula Silicon SP 01
Heat-resistant silicon
blade with plastic handle
Length: 250 mm

In stock
Thermometer DT 01
Digital with Centrigrade and Farhenheit functions, last reading memory, auto shut-down
(range : -50 C to +300 C) 
Length: 235 mm

In stock
Funnel with Stand FS 01
Stainless steel funnel with
blade with plastic handle
Length: 250 mm

In stock
Whisk WS 03
Stainless Steel heavy-duty model with SS handle
Length of whisk : 225 mm
Total length : 355 mm

In stock