Chocolate Soluble Colours
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With weddings, outdoor parties and banquets in full swing, Chocolate Fountains  can make your catered events special.

All you have to do is fill it up, turn it on and amaze your guests with mesmerising curtains of cascading chocolate !

Then thrill them with the experience of dipping your delicacies into the fountain's warm liquid embrace.....Strawberries are Stupendous, Fudge is Fantabulous, Marshmallows are Magnificent and Cookies are Cool !  But the truth is, almost anything you can put on a stick tastes amazing when it's covered in warm, gooey chocolate.
       Your Chocolate Fountain will be the LIFE OF YOUR PARTY !      
Both the above models are
suitable for commercial use
Chocolate Fountain CF-3060
3-tier model stands 60 cms high
Chocolate Fountain CF-4080
4-tier model stands 80 cms high
Chocolate Machines
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