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             Make your Chocolates
        with our Chocolate Soluble, Food-grade colours.

            The popular colours are Lemon Yellow,
             Golden Yellow,   Orange,    Pink,   Red,   
           Maroon,   BlueGreen, Brown and Black.*

             Of course, you can experiment by mixing these colours
                                          and create new ones.

Available in 25 gms, 100 gms and 500 gms Jars
* Please Note : The colours shown above may not correspond with the actual colours supplied by us.
For the first time, we bring to you the worlds' finest Food-grade METALLIC COLOURS.
Give your Chocolate sales a boost by adding glamour to them.
Available in
Gold Sheen, Light Gold, Silver Lustre, Red Amber, Copper Orange and Bronze Brown.
Assorted Metallic Colours in convenient sizes 5 gms, 10 gms and 25 gms.
Larger packs on request
Assorted Metallic Colours in 5 gms Jars
Assorted Metallic Colours in 25 gms Jars
Metallic Chocolate Soluble Colours
We deliver all over India and abroad...for more details, e-mail us at
Chocolate and Cream Soluble Colours
Chocolate Solutions from
Want to start your own Chocolate Business ?
For the Worlds' Finest Chocolate Moulds
Our Chocolate & Cream Soluble Starter Kit is a must for every budding Baker and Confectioner. It consists of 12 containers of Colours - Regular ( 8 jars ) and Metallic ( 4 Jars ) encased in a plastic container. Order yours TODAY !
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