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We have been associated with R B Mangharam
Foods for more than a decade and have three
Chocoman 30 machines. We are very happy with
the machines and their service.
Mr. Muralidhar, Moddy's Confectionery, Ooty
We have two ChocoMan 30 Machines and are
very pleased with their service. They are robust
and durable and run and run and run.....!
Ms. Roopa, Going Nuts Chocolates, Bangalore
We are the manufacturer of chocolates & we have
been using your ChocoMan 30 machine since 3
years and are very happy with it.It is a trouble-free
machine and is giving good service. We will surely
consider buying another one when the need arises.
All the best !
Mr. Sohail S Shaikh (Director)
We are very happy with our Chocoman 30. The
quality of the chocolates is excellent as compared
to our prior method. Also, it has saved us lots of
time and labour and we are getting great output.
Mr. Vinay, Chocolate Addicts, Bangalore

M/s Mongini's, Mumbai
M/s Aroma Creations, Mumbai
M/s Theobroma, Mumbai
M/s Cocoa World, New Delhi
M/s Le Chocolatier, New Delhi
M/s Passionate Foods, New Delhi
M/s Silver Plate Foods, New Delhi
M/s Amma's Pastries, Bangalore
M/s Jus Trufs, Bangalore
M/s Choco Addicts, Bangalore
M/s Nouveau, Chennai
M/s Chick Chocolates, Mussorie
M/s Rana Chocolates, Shimla
M/s Moddys Confectionery, Ooty
M/s NPS Supermarket, Ooty
M/s Knights and Kings, Nellore
M/s Toccatta Chocolates, Nashik
M/s ChocoMore Foods, Nashik
M/s Chocolate Galore, Pune
M/s Better with Bamboo, Kochi
M/s Satbions, Kottayam
M/s RR Industries, Kottayam
M/s Chocolate Graphics, South Africa
M/s Ola Chocolate Garnishes, Sholapur

and many, many more....
We are very happy with our Chocoman 15. During Diwali, we were able to supply 1500 kgs of Chocolates in 15-16 days, thanks to the ChocoMan 15. We would never have been able to produce so much Chocolate without it. Thanks for everything and you can expect an order for one more soon !

Mrs. Bhor, Mumbai

M/s Amande, Bangalore
M/s Manisha Bhor, Mumbai
M/s Kakodkar, Goa
M/s Hanumant Foods, Ahmedabad
M/s Crysta Chocolates, Amravati
M/s PT Bali Trend Pridus, Indonesia
and many, many more....

M/s Taste Masters, Bangalore
M/s Adeez Chocolates, Delhi
M/s Choco House, New Delhi
M/s Black & Tan, Chandigarh
M/s Quick Capture, Mumbai
M/s Tricous Chocolates, Nagpur
and many, many more....
We have the ChocoMan 5 since about 2 years and are happy with its preformance.
Ms. Moushumi, Bangalore

M/s Chocko Choza, Coimbatore
M/s Marigold Hotels, Hyderabad
M/s Dime N Dine Restaurant, Pune
M/s The Candy Cow, Australia
M/s Cakes and Cookies, Nagpur
M/s Galdhar Foods Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad
and many, many more....
ChocoMan Two Cute has made my Chocolate-making a pleasure and so simple.
Ms. Sheela Kanavalli, Munnar
I have used ChocoMan Two Cute and it has made my work easier.
Ms. Patricia Rowland, Malaysia
Why wait...order yours TODAY !
We are very happy with our ChocoMan 5 melters. They are simple to operate,quite trouble-free and give good output.
Ms. D. Chugh,New Delhi
The two ChocoMan 30's are working very well and we
may soon place another order for 2 more......
Mr. Shon, Ola Chocolate Garnishes, Sholapur
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