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Designed in the Netherlands and made in India, the ChocoMan 30 melts,  tempers  and moulds Chocolates.

All  types  of  Chocolate, be they pralines, bars, slabs, hollow figurines, etc. can easily be produced with the help of this machine.
The ChocoMan 30 can hold approx. 30 Kgs of melted Chocolate at a time and comes equipped with a food grade Revolving Wheel as well as an Electronic Temperature Controller cum Indicator, ensuring that the Chocolate is in a constant state of temper, allowing the user to concentrate on the Creative Side of Chocolate Making.

Another useful and labour saving feature of the ChocoMan 30 is the Vibratory Shaker, a device that not only removes air bubbles from the Chocolate Moulds,but also helps remove excess chocolate.

                          IS A MUST FOR EVERY GREAT CHOCOLATIER !
ChocoMan 5  is a Table Top Model ideally suited for about 10 kgs of hand-made Chocolates per day.

This small, but functional melter has an electronic Temperature Controller cum Indicator, usually found on large machines.

This economical and easy-to-use melter    holds and melts 4-5 kgs at a time and is best suited for Bakery and Pastry Shops, Star Hotels, small Chocolatiers, etc.
Chocolate Melting and
Tempering Machine
The ChocoMan 30 is crafted out of thick guage stainless steel and all the crucial compenents - motors, gear-box, etc. are imported from Europe, ensuring that Chocolates of the finest quality are produced.
The ChocoMan 15 Table-top Melting-cum-Tempering Machine is ideally suited for manufacturing 15 - 30 kgs of Chocolates per day.

The ChocoMan 15 has most of the features of its bigger sibling, the ChocoMan 30 :

a. All Stainless Steel construction - thick guage and food-grade

b. A Heavy-duty Gear-box and Motor supplied by one of the worlds' finest European manufacturers

c. A Lower Arm, which imitates the hand movement and quickly breaks up the Chocolate pieces, ensuring faster melting

d. Electronic Temperature Controller - cum Indicator

e. Food-grade Revolving Wheel
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Need Chocolate and Cream Soluble Colours ?
ChocoMan Vibrating Table VT-03
Fabricated from high quality Stainless steel and
mild steel, our Vibrating Table VT-03 can be used
to vibrate 3 moulds at a time ( 2 moulds on the
table and one mould on the grille).

The dimensions are : Length 535 mm x Width 296 mm x Height 360 mm