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Bangalore based R B Mangharam Foods Limited is India's first Total Chocolate Solutions company.

We offer Chocolate Projects, Chocolate Machines, Chocolate Moulds, Chocolate Raw and Packing Materials, etc. to make a wide range of Chocolates. We welcome your enquiries / orders and service both small and large customers.

We ship all over India and abroad. Please contact us at : info@makechocolates.com
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ChocoMan Chocolate Machines
ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08
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ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08
Chocolate Tempering, Moulding and Enrobing Machine
The ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 is a
multi-purpose machine and a must for
every Chocolatier.

It can be used for Enrobing  ganaches,
cookies or whatever your heart desires,
with chocolate. The products travel on a
stainless steel wire mesh belt and are
enrobed by a curtain of Chocolate. The
ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08 coats top
and bottom or top only.

In addition, ChocoMan Enrober JZJ 08
doubles as a Moulding Machine by
simply  removing the Enrobing Belt

Salient features :

•  Total Enrobing and Moulding Solution for 
    making  different varieties of Chocolates
•   Complete Stainless Steel construction
     and food-grade Revolving Wheel.
•   Precise temperature control with Omron, 
    Japan  controller
•  Total speed controller for best results and 
•   Compact and Space-saving model
•   Top Heater unit fitted ensuring correct
    chocolate viscosity
•   Can coat upto 70 pieces / minute
•   Good quality at a very reasonable price
Technical Specifications

Dimensions  : L 195 cm x B 56 cm x H 110 cm
Weight : 100 kgs approx.
Power Consumption : 750 W approx.
Belt width : 18 cms
ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 
The ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 is a
surface scraping mixer and agitator used to
make silky smooth chocolate from cocoa
powder. Cocoa beans may also be used .
This novel method  promotes flavour
development through frictional heat. This
method also helps release volitiles and acids,
and helps oxidation. When ingredients are
mixed in this way, sometimes for up to 78
hours, chocolate produced with have a very
small particle size ( smooth texture ) and also
taste great.

Now you can produce high quality milk, dark
and white chocolates, truffles,
compounds and many other products.

The ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 is
ideally suited for producing 40 kgs approx.
of chocolate per day and hence the best
choice for smaller establishments. It is
particularly useful for sampling, pilot projects
and laboratory use.
Technical Specifications

Capacity : 40 litres  / Particle fineness : 20-25 um  /   Milling time :  7 - 9 hours
Power : 2.2 KW  /   Dimensions of machine : L 100 cm x   B 80 cm x H 80 cm
Weight of machine : 400 kgs approx.

Chocolate Machine
The ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 is equipped with a Hand Control
System to increase or decrease pressure on the Chocolate. This fine-tuning
is useful to make chocolate of the finest quality.
The ChocoMan Refiner Conche 40 has been designed for easy cleaning
as it is fitted with a hinged delivery door that can be opened easily. This
facilitates thorough cleaning when switching from one product to the other.
ChocoMan Melting Tanks  BWG Series
Chocolate Melting Machines
Technical Specifications
Samples of Chocolate Enrobed products
These Chocolate Melting and Holding tanks are used for melting and storing the chocolate in liquid condition. This is done by maintaining steady heat as well as agitating the chocolate in the tank.

Important Features:

Made from thick -guage Stainless Steel
Water-jacketed to ensure even and proper heat
Heaters controlled by Omron electronic Temperature Controller
Available in 100 & 200 litre models
  Motor Power
100 litres
1.1 KW
150 kgs
70 x 125 cms
200 litres
1.1 KW
180 kgs
80 x 125 cms