The Art of Making Fine Chocolates Course

If you want to MAKE CHOCOLATES…..
and MONEY read on…..

The Chocolate Revolution has begun and
you can be a part of it. In this CHOCOLATE RENNAISSANCE, beautifully shaped Chocolates filled with heavenly delights are fast replacing the ordinary sweet chocolate slabs and bars. These bittersweet, bite sized Chocolates confections are smooth and creamy and melt divinely in the mouth.

We Indians have now discovered that the “Food of the Gods” ( Greek translation of the Cacao Plant) is one of life’s great pleasures and are taking it to
their lips like never before. And why not… Chocolates are good for health …….they taste delicious ……they cheer you up…..and your beloved ( its sensual properties are legendary). Small wonder then that Chocolates are much in demand from Mumbai’s suburbs to the sunny hills of Darjeeling and of course, all places in between !

Chocolates make excellent gifts for Celebrations like  birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and Festivals like Raksha Bhandan, Diwali, Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas, etc. YOUR CUSTOMERS LIST  will read like a virtual who’s who of your town. From corporate houses to gift shops, supermarkets, pastry shops, florists, hotels and restaurants, your relatives, friends and lovers of good Chocolates !

OUR CHOCOLATE PROJECT : is simple, practical and inexpensive. It does not require any prior experience and suitable for anyone, be it a house-wife, student, businessman, baker, etc.

Our Chocolate Project is designed to teach you the art of making fine Chocolates - step by step - the correct process; the various fillings and their preparation; efficient usage of  raw materials and equipment; proper handling, storage; presentation and marketing of the finished products, etc..  The technical expertise-both theory and practical - will make a you a Chocolatier in just 2 days.

Our CHOCOLATE PROJECT includes a Chocolate Melting cum Moulding Machine,  European Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds and our Art of Making Fine Chocolate Course.

So, to MAKE CHOCOLATES ……. And MONEY .....hurry and fill up the Application Form and if things go as they should, you should be heading to the Swiss Alps for your next holiday !
Making Chocolates is a very creative, interesting,  self-employing and VERY PROFITABLE business ! Even a small production of 10 Kgs daily could give you a Net Profit of approximately Rs.20,000.00 per month.

In short, making Chocolates is the shortest route to becoming a BIG SHOT !
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