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It was a real pleasure to work and learn amidst            We are very happy with the Chocolate making course and the
you people. I guess no amount of thanks would             equipment supplied by you.The Chocolates that we make with
suffice if I consider the knowledge and experience       your guidance are very  much  appreciated by our  customers.
that I gained there in Bangalore.                                       We extend our gratitude for  the  excellent training that  you
                                                                                                      had given  us and we expect your full co-operation in future.
Mr. Rajesh Chugh, NIZAM’S , New Delhi                                      Mr. Vinod S. Panicker, AMBROSIA, Trivandrum
I have  started  making  Chocolates. They are                  It was certainly a pleasure training with you people
coming out well. Thank you  for the  expertise                  and all in all, we are very happy with the course
and   knowledge you  had  given  us .                              and the equipment.
Mr. Baalasubramanian, Coimbatore                                                    Classique Chocolates, Goa
A course worthwhile going through. A thorough, practical class in Chocolate making. Two days training  really covered the whole process in detail, in Chocolate making for domestic as well as commercial purpose. Even an amateur like me could get the confidence of getting into Chocolate making business in a serious manner. It has also helped me make new friends. Hats off to you !
                                                                          Ms. Grace Sylvester, Bangalore

  It was a certainly a splendid and                                 It was a fantastic course-very informative, very well taught. I  
  fabulous experience to be a part of
think every  person interested in a catering career should  
  the process.. Thanks.
never miss an opportunity to do this course.
   Mr. Ajmal Salim, CASINO HOTELS, Cochin                     Ms. Anitha Isaac, Culinary expert & instructor, Cochin
It was really a good class. Very useful for those                        I came to the course having no idea about making
in  the  bakery  and  hotel  line.  Hats  off  to                            Chocolates at all, but after 2 days, I am confident that with
Mr. Rajendra - Programme Manager and his staff.                  
practice, a bit of I will make chocolates as good as 
                                                                                                Mangharams.  Thank you.   
       Mr. S. Balaji, Production Manager,                                                                                
Mrs. Catherine Schwartz,
                               COOKIEMAN INDIA, Chennai                                                                           Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
I, for one, liked the course and it was very interesting. I learnt a lot how to           It is an excellent course, sufficient
  make chocolate. You are the best person to teach how to make chocolate.            amount of practice, Rajendra is a
  The best Chocolate in the world should be Mangharam Chocolate. The best                   great person to learn from.
  chocolate teacher should be you.                                                                                               
Mrs. Divia Harchandrai,
                                  Master Pranav O. Chhabria, ( Age : 8 ½ years )                                                                  Mumbai
I have learnt from Rajendra of Mangharam’s something                  I came to learn Indian Chocolate but a bonus for
which I didn’t know. Thanks and keep it up.                  
me - I learnt ‘ foreign’ Chocolates. Thank you.
   Mr. S. Thomas Gomes,
Exe.Chef, Hotel Ramada, Mumbai                                           
Ms. Indu Raj, Bangalore
It was a good opportunity for my staff to attend such a course           The  “  Chocolate Presentation ”   was
  which would definitely be beneficial in making good chocolates            excellent and it was a pleasure having
  at our hotel. I extend my gratitude and personal thanks.                  you with us !
Mr. R. Bikram Shah, Resident Manager,                      Mr. Prahlad Kunwar, EAM- F & B,
                               Everest Hotel, Kathmandu,NEPAL                      The Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu
     My staff has learnt a lot from your professional and technically sound approach to Chocolate making. 
      Thanks once again.
                                                                                                         Mr. Victor Holla, Executive Chef,
                                                                                                  Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu, NEPAL

This is with regard to your chocolate project.
When I joined your chocolate making training program, I was wondering as what you are going to teach for two full days. But what I learnt in two days, I don’t think I could have learned in two full years on my own as some people try to learn by doing experiments.
Moreover the way you teach is commendable. Your method of teaching makes it so easy That even child can understand. The best part is you allow us to make all types of chocolates under your supervision and also by providing all ingredients. Even at my age (72 yrs) it was fun and I very much enjoyed entire program.
I wish all chocolate lovers should learn chocolate making from you.
Thanks for all

Mr. U. M Shah, Bangalore

Giving people a power of choice is R.B.Mangharam of R.B.Mangharam Foods Limited in Bengaluru, who has been making Chocolates for the last 15-17 years. As an initial supplier to supermarkets, Mangharam decided to start the "Chocolate Project" to encourage people outside Bengaluru to become Chocolatiers. This included a kit comprising a Chocolate making machine, moulds  and  a  2-day  course  in  the art of making Chocolate. " My machine can produce 10-15 kgs of Chocolates a day - it is capable of generating
a monthly profit of Rs.30,000/- for entrepreneurs."

Article in ENTREPRENEUR Magazine ( May 2010 issue )
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